Tracie Hamman and Martin Romero score first DPT Wins

The G Cue Billiard Store Diamond Pool Tour stopped in at Metro Sportz Bar in Phoenix, Az on September 23rd and 24th, where Mike Hamman made a strong bid for back to back tour stop wins. It ended up being a Hamman in the final winner’s circle; just not the one that was expected.

Hamman was undefeated all day Saturday with wins over Ricky Teyechea, Seth Johnson and David Batchelor. He was joined by wife Tracie Hamman, Steve Stowers and Chris Espere on the winner’s side at the end of the day.

When Sunday play got started, Mike scored a hill-hill win over Tracie, and Espere sent Stowers to the one loss side 5-0.

Both Tracie and Stowers bounced back on the one loss side, with Tracie defeating Eric Osburn hill-hill, and Stowers eliminating Luis De La Luz 8-2. The following round saw Stowers unable to fade the 4 game Fargo spot he had to give up to Hamman. Hamman eliminated Stowers 4-4, and then moved on to end Espere’s tournament in third place with a 5-4 win.

The finals was the tour’s first family affair with Mike and Tracie Hamman facing off in a true double elimination 9-4 race. It was the third time that Mike had faced Tracie on tour, with him scoring wins in Tucson and earlier in this event. Mike would come out strong and playing with confidence, but Tracie would take advantage of any miss by Mike late in a rack. Before Mike knew what hit him, Tracie had scored a 4-5 win and forced a second set. The second set started out much like the first, with Mike confidently running racks and looking unstoppable, but also just like the first set, any late miss by Mike led to a run by Tracie to steal a rack from him. In the end, Mike would get one more win than the first set of the finals, before Tracie scored a 4-6 win and her first tour stop win.

Anyone thinking the rivalry between Mike and Hamman is over would be sadly mistaken. They have now each scored two wins over the other this season, and Tracie’s win moved her into second place on the tour points list, 200 points behind Mike.

The open event on Sunday saw Tim Daniel and Martin Romero face off for the hot-seat. Daniel started his day with a tough 10-8 win over Chris Lulek and then cruised to one sided wins over Nick Kline and Brian Long. Romero had wins over Ruben Silva, Ricky Teyechea and Rick Armbrust to earn his spot in the hot-seat match.

While Daniel had been rolling over opponents in his last two matches, he was stunned as Romero took complete control and won rack after rack in the hot-seat match. Before Daniel could mount any sort of comeback, Romero had scored a 6-1 win to take the hot-seat.

Chris Lulek was still smarting from his early loss to Daniel, and won five straight matches on the left side of the board to earn his rematch against Daniel. The rematch would also go to a 10-8 scoreline, but this time it was Lulek winning, sending Daniel home with his second straight third place finish.

The win over Daniel helped propel Lulek to a 10-5 win over Romero in the first set of the finals, but that win seemed to take all the energy that Lulek had as Romero came back and controlled the second set for a 7-3 win and first place.

The G Cue Billiard Store will be back in action on October 6th and 7th at Kolby’s Corner Pocket in Tempe, Az.

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